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Jango Edwards, the Clowns Homepage

The Clown: Jango Edwards

Here you'll find all the information about the Clown and Fool Jango Edwards, upcoming Shows, Events & Clown-Workshops.

You'll find news and all about my recent activities on my Facebook Site, why don't you join me there!

Blond Jango 2Jango Edwards has dedicated his life to the study of comedy and devoted himself to the art of clown; not a job but a life style, a comic religion which he calls the Church of Grin.
Eventually his vision gave birth to the internationally renowned "Festival Of Fools" which, from 1975 until 1984, became the world's first comedy convention of the Nouveau Clowns. It set the foundation and form for a new trend in comic festivals; an annual gathering of the clown tribe, where all performed, taught and exchanged the secrets to a new direction and rebirth of an all but lost tradition.